Vanishing points: law, violence and exception in the global war prisonKatz Distinguished Lecture in the Humanities, University of Washington, October 2006

War in the borderlandsMiliband Lecture, London School of Economics, December 2010 [an early version of what became ‘The everywhere war’]

The everywhere war – delivered at the Wall Exchange at the Vogue Theatre, Vancouver on 26 September 2011, and first broadcast on CBC Ideas, 20 January 2012

Roundtable discussion of The everywhere war (and more besides) – Centre for Research Architecture/Forensic Architecture, Goldsmith’s, University of London (with Eyal Weizman), 10 November 2011

Deadly embrace: war, distance and intimacy – British Academy Lecture, London, 14 March 2012

Deadly embrace – video (and abbreviated!) version given as a Keynote Address at the International Geographical Congress, Cologne, August 2012

Gabriel’s map: cartography and corpography in modern war – University of Kentucky (Committee on Social Theory), January 2013; the slides are available as a pdf under DOWNLOADS

The natures of war – Neil Smith Lecture, University of St Andrews, November 2013

Reach from the Sky: aerial violence and the everywhere war – Tanner Lectures, University of Cambridge, January 2016

Precarious journeys – War Stories, BMO Theatre, Vancouver, September 2016

War at a Distance: aerial violence and the death of the battlefield – Radboud Reflects, Nijmegen, September 2017

“Sweet target, sweet child”: Aerial violence and the imaginaries of remote warfare – University of Southern Denmark, June 2018

Under Afghan Skies – “The aesthetics of drone warfare”, University of Sheffield UK, February 2020