If you’d like me to give a lecture, seminar (or something else entirely!) please give me as much notice as possible; I’m usually in Europe three or four times a year, and I hold a Humboldt Stiftung which provides financial support for visits to Germany.  I’m happy to consider most things, though I’m particularly interested in interdisciplinary events, opportunities for argument and discussion, and audiences that reach beyond the academy.  

Some of these past presentations are available as audio or video.

26-30 August 2012  Keynote Lecture, International Geographical Congress, Cologne, Germany

11-12 October 2012  “Deadly Embrace: War, distance and intimacy”, Eisenberg Institute for Historical Studies, University of Michigan

16 November 2012  Taafe Lecture, Ohio State University

3 December 2012  “Deadly Embrace: War, distance and intimacy”, King’s College, London

3 December 2012 “Lines of descent” discussion, Royal Holloway, University of London @ Bedford Square

6 December 2012  “Deadly Embrace: War, distance and intimacy”, Nottingham University

16-18 December 2012 War & medicine workshop, Maison Suger/Maison des Sciences de l’Homme, Paris

16 January 2013 “Deadly Embrace” at the École des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris

16 January 2013 “The everywhere war”, at the École Normale Supérieure and the University of Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne

18 January 2013 “Deadly Embrace: War, distance and intimacy”, University of Cambridge

25 January 2013  “Gabriel’s map: cartography and the changing art of war”, Committee on Social Theory, University of Kentucky

18 April 2013 Gabriel’s map: cartography, corpography and modern war”, Geography and War Studies, King’s College London

23-26 April 2013  “Drones and the everywhere war”, University of Ostrava, Czech Republic

29 May 2013The natures of war”, Vancouver

19 September 2013 “Gabriel’s map: cartography and the changing art of war”, UBIAS Conference on Academic and scientific knowledges, Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies, Vancouver

21-22 October 2013 “Drones and the everywhere war”, York University, Ontario, Canada

11-15 November 2013 “The natures of war”Neil Smith Lecture, University of St Andrews

6-10 January 2014 “Drones, spaces of exception and the everywhere war”, American University in Beirut

6-7 March 2014  Drones and the everywhere war, University of Glasgow

28 March 2014 “Drones and the everywhere war”, Yi-Fu Tuan Lecture, University of Wisconsin-Madison

8-12 April 2014 “Seeing like a military”, Annual Meeting, Association of American Geographers, Tampa, Florida

22-23 May 2014 The God trick and the administration of military violence”, ‘Security by remote control’, University of Lancaster, UK

24 May 2014  “The God trick and the administration of military violence”, ‘As above, so below: a colloquium on drone culture’, University of Lincoln, UK

29 May 2014 “The God trick and the administration of military violence”, Global Insecurities Centre, University of Bristol, UK

4 September 2014 “Law, violence and b/ordering”, University of Oulu, Finland

21-22 October 2014  “Angry eyes: the militarisation of vision and modern war”, University of Zurich, Switzerland

14-15 November 2014  “Corpographies”, Secrecy and Transparency workshop, University of California Humanities Research Institute, Irvine CA

22 November 2014  “Angry eyes: the militarisation of vision and modern war”, Bergen, Norway

11-12 December 2014  “Angry eyes: the militarisation of vision and modern war”, HAU Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin

20-21 March 2015  Quagmire: soldiers’ bodies and militarised natures in Vietnam, Space, materiality and violence workshop (Gastón Gordillo), Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies, UBC

15-16 April 2015  “Dirty dancing with drones” (public lecture) and “Angry eyes: militarised vision and modern war”, Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI)/Balsillie School of International Affairs, Waterloo

21-25 April 2015  “Journeys from No Man’s Land” and “Rough Trade: a commentary on Deadly Logistics”, Annual Meeting, Association of American Geogaphers, Chicago

14-17 July 2015  “Angry Eyes: The God-trick and the geography of militarised vision” (Keynote), Reconfiguring global space: the geography, politics and ethic of drone war, Indiana University, Bloomington USA

23-26 September 2015, “Angry Eyes: The God-trick and the geography of militarised vision”, 9th Pan-European Conference on International Relations, Giardini-Naxos, Sicily

23-24 October 2015 “Little Boys and Blue Skies”, ‘Through Post-Atomic Eyes: Toxic Legacies, Post-nuclear Futures’, Toronto

13-14 January 2016  “Reach from the sky: aerial violence and the everywhere war”, The Tanner Lectures, University of Cambridge

24-29 January 2016  “Little Boys and Blue Skies”, Society of Fellows, Dartmouth College

24 February 2016  “Angry Eyes”, The New School, New York

29 March – 2 April 2016 “Object Lessons”, Annual Meeting, Association of American Geographers, San Francisco

5 April 2016  “Angry Eyes”, UC Davis (Symposium on ‘Eyes in the Skies: Drones and the politics of distance warfare’)

15 September 2016  “Precarious journeys”, part of WAR STORIES, BMO Theater, Vancouver

29 October 2016 “Surgical strikes and modern war”, National University of Ireland, Galway (part of the Haven Project: Intervening for Human Security in the Mediterranean Humanitarian Crisis)

25-26 November 2016  “The Death of the Clinic: surgical strikes and spaces of exception”, University of Lancaster (States of Exception II: The Body of War’)

5-12 December 2016  “Bodies of War” and “Dirty Dancing”, Radboud University, Nijmegen, Netherlands

6 March 2017  The Death of the Clinic, University of Cambridge, UK

8 March 2017 The Death of the Clinic, University of Stockholm, Sweden [Department of Sociology]

15 March 2017 Sweet target … Sweet child AND Bodies and war, Durham University, UK

16-17 March 2017 Sweet target … Sweet child AND The Death of the Clinic, Newcastle University, UK

31 March/1 April 2017  The Death of the Clinic, ‘Topographies of Mass Violence’, Max and Iris Stern International Symposium, Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal, Canada

24-28 April 2017 ‘The clouds in our eyes’, Heidelberg University, Germany

18 May 2017 ‘Paradoxical spaces: cities under siege and the war in Syria, Roskilde University, Denmark

8-15 June 2017 ‘“The things that carried them”: corpo-materialities and casualty evacuation’ (Transmobilities-Development Conference); ‘Cities under siege in Syria’ and ‘The Death of the Clinic’, Radboud University, Nijmegen, Netherlands

September 2017  ‘War at a Distance: Aerial violence and the death of the battlefield’, “Radboud Reflects”, LUX Theatre, Nijmegen, Netherlands

6-7 December  ‘Death of(f) the Battlefield: distance, intimacy and aerial violence’, Intimacies of Remote Warfare Symposium, University of Utrecht, Netherlands

8 December 2017  TBA, State Building in the West Bank: The Palestinian Authority and a Stateless State (Workshop), Copenhagen, Denmark

26 January 2018  Bodies and war, University of Washington, Seattle, USA

5/6 June 2018  Sweet Target…Sweet Child: Aerial Violence and the Imaginaries of Remote Warfare, ‘The Drone Imaginary’, University of Southern Denmark, Odense, Denmark

28/31 August 2018  Trauma geographies: broken bodies and lethal landscapes, Antipode Lecture, Annual Conference, RGS/IBG, Cardiff, Wales

 4 October 2018 Other Wars Imagined: visuality, spatiality and corpography, University of Leipzig, Germany
31 January 2019  Death of(f) the battlefield: Distance, intimacy and aerial violence, School of Geography, University of Nottingham, UK
1 February 2019  Surgical strikes and spaces of exception, Loughborough University, UK
7 February 2019  Spaces of exception and later modern war – Seminar, Department of Geography, University of Cambridge UK
7 February 2019  Bloody Geography: injured bodies and the spaces of modern war, Cambridge University, UK: Geography Centenary Lecture
14 March 2019 The spaces of modern war, Annual Lecture, Kent Interdisciplinary Centre for Spatial Studies (KISS), Canterbury, UK
17 April 2019  Roundtable on Urban Violence, British Academy, London, UK
19-23 April 2019  Crossing Lines: Woundscapes and the War in Syria, International Critical Geography Conference, Athens, Greece
6-7 June 2019  States of Seeing workshop, University of Basel, Switzerland
28-29 October 2019 Imaginative Geographies in contemporary armed conflicts Workshop, Paris, France
7-8 February 2020  TBA, The aesthetics of drone warfare, University of Sheffield, UK