Media, war and conflict

From the always interesting Geopolitics and security at Royal Holloway:

Media, war and conflict Fifth Anniversary Conference at Royal Holloway, University of London, 11-12 April 2013.

Papers are invited on a range of topics, including:

  • Contemporary and historical war reporting
  • Changing forms of credibility, legitimacy and authority
  • Media ethics in the coverage of conflict
  • The role of citizen-users and social media in conflict
  • Terrorism, media and publics
  • Intelligence operations and media
  • Digital and cyber warfare
  • Media and conflict prevention, peacekeeping and post-conflict scenarios
  • Photo and video journalism in wartime
  • War and conflict in popular culture
  • The power of the visual and other modalities
  • Commemoration and memorialisation of war and conflict

The conference is open to scholars, journalists, military practitioners and activists from around the world.

Abstracts (250 words) to by 10 October 2012.

Incidentally, for more on media, war and conflict see (even join) the War and Media Network, whose site has links to the journal and a host of other resources, together with a clutch of reviews of books, films and conferences.