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  2. Hi, Derek,

    Sorry you didn’t like my Prezi! (But I agree the program has its hazards, especially if you go too quickly through the transitions.) You might be interested in this more deliberate piece I wrote on the same subject, which touches on many of the same themes (and makes some of the same references) that you do: http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/13555502.2012.689502. All of the things you go over so nice and clearly here are definitely the reasons I have stuck with blogging, though my own blog is not strictly an ‘academic’ one.

    • Thanks so much Rohan… I had toyed with Prezi (or at least the idea of Prezi) ever since Gillian Rose flagged it on her blog, but the more I played the more I decided to stay with Keynote. But thanks for the follow-up reference. I hope this blog isn’t strictly academic too…..

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    Derek Gregory offers some interesting thoughts about his experience of running a blog. He discusses some of the challenges, the possibilities, and makes some comments about how this might change the publishing landscape. I don’t disagree with his line about the Society and Space open site, though I think it is something that has considerably more potential than we have yet managed to exploit.

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