Cultural (twists and) turns

Special issue of Theory, culture and society 29 (2012) on Topologies of Culture:

Celia Lury, Luciana Parisi and Tiziana Terranova, Introduction: The Becoming Topological of Culture

Peter Sloterdijk, Nearness and Da-sein: The Spatiality of Being and Time

Rob Shields, Cultural Topology: The Seven Bridges of Königsburg, 1736

Sandro Mezzadra and Brett Neilson, Between Inclusion and Exclusion: On the Topology of Global Space and Borders

Penelope Harvey, The Topological Quality of Infrastructural Relation: An Ethnographic Approach

Mike Michael and Marsha Rosengarten, HIV, Globalization and Topology: Of Prepositions and Propositions

Evelyn Ruppert, The Governmental Topologies of Database Devic

Steven D. Brown, Memory and Mathesis: For a Topological Approach to Psychology

Luciana Parisi, Digital Design and Topological Control

Richard Rogers, Mapping and the Politics of Web Space

Xin Wei Sha, Topology and Morphogenesis

Brian Rotman, Topology, Algebra, Diagrams

Scott Lash, Deforming the Figure: Topology and the Social Imaginary

Noortje Marres, On Some Uses and Abuses of Topology in the Social Analysis of Technology (Or the Problem with Smart Meters)

Matthew Fuller and Andrew Goffey, Digital Infrastructures and the Machinery of Topological Abstraction

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    A very interesting issues of Theory, Culture and Society just came out. It looks pretty good with autors like Luciana Parisi and one of my former Ph.D. advisors Sha XIn Wei.

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