8 comments on “I don’t like Tuesdays….

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  2. Stuart: Thanks so much for this – it’s a very helpful and productive post. One of my PhD students is working on a genealogy of counterinsurgency – amongst other things – and he too is interested in the social-scientific methodologies you outline in your paper abstract, so I’ll put him in touch with you. But your comments about the Tuesday Lunch are extremely interesting; I only touched on it briefly in my “Lines of descent” essay because I simply (!) wanted to show that many of the elements of today’s networked operations were being moved into place during the wars in Indochina (and in some instances even earlier). You show wonderfully well the significance of the wider political-administrative structures within which decisions were being taken and, just as important, the ways in which these spiralled from the air war into counterinsurgency operations on the ground and back again (and, by implication, their dispersal across Indochina and, indeed, beyond). I hope we can keep in touch!

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