6 comments on “Bombing the USA

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  2. This was really interesting, and I learned a lot. The role of precision today and it’s abscence in the past are things I think about a lot, especially when candidates talk about “carpet bombing” on the campaign trail.

  3. It is fascinating. I feel like I get glimpses into strange other worlds when I hear (say) a late-40s Fibber McGee and Molly in which a simulated air raid is used to drum up support for volunteer observer corps. And then I read that apparently besides its other problems Flint, Michigan, has been the subject of poorly-announced urban combat exercises on the Pentagon’s behalf the past year.

  4. Enjoyed your piece. I am Doug Potter, son of Col. Potter you quoted , and executor of the estate. I presume his part was taken from one of his Friends Journal articles. He was published many times in that publication as you probably have seen.

    You certainly have my permission to use his writing for your articles, though I know that is not required. I would request that you cite Friends Journal for his quotes in the future. It might bring more awareness of this publication and of the AF Museum.

    Again, enjoyed the piece. Thanks, Doug

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