Playing the military-industrial complex

Michael Davis – not to be confused with the other Mike Davis – has a new game, The Military-Industrial Complex, which may well appeal to readers looking for other ways to delay and procrastinate.  You play the Minister for Civil Industry and War Production.

Military-Industrial Complex

This is how Jack Kotzer described the game:

You sit at a terminal with your face glued to the screens. If you press right, resources go to your defences, developing tech, and weapons. If you press left, resources go to your people, developing stickers, strip-malls, and new “very special episodes” of ALF about drugs to keep them busy all day. When you fund project for the people, Stalintron’s forces get closer to the border. If you fund the war machine, your populace starts itching for a revolution. Every few turns a wild card will appear, forces beyond your power that can temper either anxiety, such as your rival’s failures, a deal with Lord Triton god of the ocean, or the sexiest goddamn Bryan Adams album to date.

“The gameplay is designed in such a way that you can never win,” said Davis in an email to Motherboard. “You can just prolong how long it takes to lose, which is my ham-fisted pinko statement on the actual Military-Industrial Complex.”

As the image shows, it’s also a retro-tribute to the original Mac – available from the App Store.