One comment on “Violence and imagination

  1. Dear Derek
    First I wish you a speedy and successful recovery from your eye operation. I missed your blog!
    I am currently making miniature sculptures that interpret the letters of a New Zealand FWW artilleryman in an ‘episodic’ way. I’m doing this as a PhD project and often digress from the ‘act of imagination’ ie the poetic as opposed to the model-maker, the military modeller and the war-gaming ways of visual and plastic means of expressing this narrative (235 letters over a four-year period, 1915-1919).
    So thank you so much for alerting me to McCarthy’s novel and his ways of thinking-out the creative/fictional difference to the factual and the historically verifiable. The difference has bedevilled my ‘research’ for some time now.
    Kia kaha e hoa.

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