Geographical imaginations

I’ve re-designed the blog but all the familiar features are still here; I hope it works better, and it should certainly be easier on the eye(s), but let me know if something isn’t working for you.  I had wanted to change the title too, and use just the three words that have always appeared below it – I am a man without discipline (!) – but that proved to be a bridge too far.  For now, anyway.

The images behind the title are on automatic rotation – ah, algorithms! – so don’t be put off if the blog looks different the next time you visit.

I’d like to draw your attention to the tabs at the head of the blog: DOWNLOADS provides easy access to much of my recent work, but if something is missing that you need please let me know; the GUIDE is a series of signposts to the blog and is probably a better place to start than the ‘search’ box; and TEACHING includes not only course outlines and reading lists but also the slides for some recent lectures relevant to the focus of the blog.

If you want to download one of the longer posts, hint the ‘Print’ button at the end and save as a pdf.

Thanks for visiting.