One comment on “‘Collateral damage’ and accountability

  1. While I agree that civilian deaths should be eliminated, I have some concerns with this page and the book in review.
    First, the moral accountability for civilian deaths caused by U.S. military forces is the topic, yet the compelling picture doesn’t fit with the theme. Upon reading the small print picture caption, it is revealed that the poor child photographed was killed by suicide bombers, not U.S. military forces. Deceptive use of the photo, in my opinion, to solicit a negative emotional response from the reader prior to even reading the book.
    In addition, I am wondering if other countries and action groups’ (terrorists or militias) collateral damage responsibility is considered in this book…or is this simply hatred and ethical responsibility pointed solely towards the U.S. military? In my opinion, every group involved in warfare should be considering the ethics of warfare and aim to minimize collateral damage. I think the U.S. may be one of the more ethical players, considering their high focus on the creation of low collateral damage weapons and tactics.

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