12 comments on “Boots on the ground

  1. Great piece, Derek… It’s been many years since I read O’Brien’s brilliant capture of the war in Vietnam… I must re-read. I’ve always dearly loved his insistence on the perverse and sickeningly selfish nature of the US ‘search for MIAs’ narrative (Bruce Franklin and Jerry Lembcke have long been inspiring too). Just consider the premise of the US being asked to cooperate in the search for 200,000 plus MIAs on the North Vietnamese side… Best as always. John

    PS No doubt you’ve seen the wonderful images in Tim Page’s and Doug Niven’s ‘Another Vietnam’: http://books.google.ie/books/about/Another_Vietnam.html?id=ODpuAAAAMAAJ&redir_esc=y. When I first set up my ‘War and Representation’ final-year class over 10 years ago now, I used many of these images and the stories behind them to credibly build up some lecs on ‘The American War’ – in Vietnam.

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