The Body of War


The program for ‘The Body of War’ Symposium at Lancaster in November has just been announced.  It’s organized around four panels and three keynotes:

(I) The Drones Imaginaria

  • Andreas GRAAE (University of Southern Denmark), The Bipolar Drone Queen: Intimacy and Distance in Showtime’s Homeland
  • Peter LEE (Portsmouth), Death, Truth and Knowing in the Drones Imaginarium
  • Claudette LAUZON (Simon Frazer University, Canada), Drones Gone Wild, and Other Unruly Bodies of War

ADAM HARVEY: Algorithmic control and violence through latent biometrics

(II) Drone warfare: evolution and new challenges

  • Heather HAYES (Whitman College, USA), The Dawn of Humanitarian Weapons: Discourses of a Kinder, Friendlier Killing Machine
  • Oliver DAVIS (Warwick), Theorizing the Advent of Weaponized Drones as Techniques of Domestic Paramilitary Policing
  • Bianca BAGGIARINI (Toronto) & Sean RUPKA (CUNY), Remembering the Drone Wars: Disembodied Combat and the Trauma Lacuna

(III) Theorizing ‘Enmity’ in the age of global counterterrorism

  • Edward FAIRHEAD (Kent, UK), The ‘Enemy’ of Obama’s Targeted Killing Regime
  • Elisabeth SCHWEIGER (Edinburgh), Something New, Something Old, Something Borrowed: The Political Connotations of the Concept of ‘Targeted Killing’ in International Law
  • Elke SCHWARZ (Leicester), Flesh Vs. Steel: Antithetical Materialities in (Counter) Terrorism Warfare

DAVID COOK: The routinization of martyrdom operations in the age of IS and Boko Haram

(IV) The Bodies of the Enemy

  • Caroline HOLMQVIST (Université libre de Bruxelles), Spectres of War
  • Charlotte HEATH-KELLY (Warwick), ISIS and the Hysteric: Desiring the Enemy through Lacan
  • Arthur BRADLEY (Lancaster), Lethal Force: Contract, Conflict, Killing

DEREK GREGORY: Drones and the prosthetics of military violence

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  1. Hi Derek, Thanks for your great website and work. Here’s a book that corresponds with your research that you might be interested in. There’s a theatre/dance/performance production in it entitled ‘Bodies of War’ and others addressing aspects of the initial stages of the Global War on Terror in the legacy of US aerial bombing technology from a Japanese perspective, among other things: Adam Broinowski, Cultural Response to Occupation: The Performing Body during and after the Cold War.

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