The Body of War


The program for ‘The Body of War’ Symposium at Lancaster in November has just been announced.  It’s organized around four panels and three keynotes:

(I) The Drones Imaginaria

  • Andreas GRAAE (University of Southern Denmark), The Bipolar Drone Queen: Intimacy and Distance in Showtime’s Homeland
  • Peter LEE (Portsmouth), Death, Truth and Knowing in the Drones Imaginarium
  • Claudette LAUZON (Simon Frazer University, Canada), Drones Gone Wild, and Other Unruly Bodies of War

ADAM HARVEY: Algorithmic control and violence through latent biometrics

(II) Drone warfare: evolution and new challenges

  • Heather HAYES (Whitman College, USA), The Dawn of Humanitarian Weapons: Discourses of a Kinder, Friendlier Killing Machine
  • Oliver DAVIS (Warwick), Theorizing the Advent of Weaponized Drones as Techniques of Domestic Paramilitary Policing
  • Bianca BAGGIARINI (Toronto) & Sean RUPKA (CUNY), Remembering the Drone Wars: Disembodied Combat and the Trauma Lacuna

(III) Theorizing ‘Enmity’ in the age of global counterterrorism

  • Edward FAIRHEAD (Kent, UK), The ‘Enemy’ of Obama’s Targeted Killing Regime
  • Elisabeth SCHWEIGER (Edinburgh), Something New, Something Old, Something Borrowed: The Political Connotations of the Concept of ‘Targeted Killing’ in International Law
  • Elke SCHWARZ (Leicester), Flesh Vs. Steel: Antithetical Materialities in (Counter) Terrorism Warfare

DAVID COOK: The routinization of martyrdom operations in the age of IS and Boko Haram

(IV) The Bodies of the Enemy

  • Caroline HOLMQVIST (Université libre de Bruxelles), Spectres of War
  • Charlotte HEATH-KELLY (Warwick), ISIS and the Hysteric: Desiring the Enemy through Lacan
  • Arthur BRADLEY (Lancaster), Lethal Force: Contract, Conflict, Killing

DEREK GREGORY: Drones and the prosthetics of military violence

You can find more information here.