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    An absolutely fascinating post by Derek Gregory on war and the body. I am especially interested in what he describes as the dialectical between cartography and corpography. I anticipate some further revisions to my forthcoming lectures on the Geographies of Violence…

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  5. this looks like a rich line of inquiry. in the near future you might want to read tom mccarthy’s novel C. it deals explicitly with some of these issues.

  6. Thanks for this — I’ve already read C, which I think is absolutely brilliant: I posted about it in ‘Stop, hey, what’s that sound?’ on 10 January, and I make much more extensive use of it in the “Gabriel’s Map” presentation (and soon the essay). I do think that fiction – particularly such obviously beautfully researched fiction like this – can take us to places that elude conventional social science.

    • with a hint of shame i admit this was the first of your posts i’d read. and so i was not aware of the previous post on mccarthy. i went through some of your archives last night and found much excitement in your scholarship. it’s always a great reward to know you’re not working alone even when academic work requires so much time working alone. your blog is a great respite from the labyrinths of one’s own intellectual absorption. and i look forward to both past and future posts.

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