8 comments on “Theory of the drone 10: Killing at a distance

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    This is probably what has attracted most people interested in drones: the idea that it’s killing at a distance, as if the drone pilot were emulating a video game simulator and without being in harm’s way. As I’ve mentioned with regard to video games and drones here, similarly to Derek Gregory and others, there is more to what is involved in the targeting and killing process when it comes to drones. From the manhunt to the techno-legal-cultural framework that makes the drone strike possible to the actual hit-to-kill decision moment when the strike carried out, there is more at play than a roboticized process, and this post from Derek Gregory at Geographical Imaginations discussing Grégoire Chamayou’s Theory of the Drone gives us a lot to reflect upon. In sum, it is another great intervention on the ethics and process of killing with drones.

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